LCNG - 002 - Zen and the Art of Career Development

LCNG - 002 - Zen and the Art of Career Development
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Boldt believes that just as the key to vocational choice is finding a work that reflects who you are at the deepest levels, so the key to career development is to equip yourself with the resources necessary to achieving success in that work in the real world. In this program, clients begin by thoroughly researching the initial career selections they have made based on their Critical Career Criteria™. This research not only provides clients with the information necessary to confirm or re-evaluate their initial career choices but also gives them the opportunity to gain valuable information and contacts that can smooth their career transitions.

Armed with a realistic knowledge of what is required in their chosen fields, clients set about gaining the personal, professional, and educational resources they need to succeed. Clients who require significant retraining are guided through the development of a comprehensive retraining strategy, including: establishing their learning objectives, evaluating various retraining options, exploring financial aid options, and more.

All clients develop a clear and definite strategy for transitioning into their new careers and spell out the specific action steps needed to accomplish their career goals. Clients consider how to best manage their time to maximize the effort they put into their career goals while attending to their other responsibilities. You will help clients explore how they can develop a mindset that will attract and support success in their new career and eliminate dysfunctional patterns that might distract or slow their progress. Clients will consider how they can create a network of support, identifying and enlisting the aid of the key people, associations, and organizations who can advance their career goals.

This program also considers the effects of career transition on the client's spouse and family and how they can enlist the support of their loved ones while being sensitive to their needs. In short, this program addresses the whole person as they make their way into an exciting new career. By the time your clients finish this program, they will have a detailed plan for reaching their career goals that they can refer to long after they have completed the program. Moreover, should your clients decide (as many do) to continue working with you beyond the completion of the program, you'll have a developed plan of action which you and your clients can use to focus your on-going coaching efforts.