LCNG - 001 - Zen and the Art of Finding the Work You Love

LCNG - 001 - Zen and the Art of Finding the Work You Love
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Zen and the Art of Finding the Work You Love is designed to help clients discover the work they love, their true vocations, or callings. Its purpose is to educate clients in the original and literal meaning of the word: “to draw out.” We seek to draw out their desires, passions, motivations, talents, gifts, commitment, and resolve. This is accomplished through the use of highly targeted and thought-provoking questions. You will NOT test, assess, or measure your clients in effort to fit them for or into any particular career role. Rather, you will assist them in finding their own way.

In this program, the client embarks on a journey of self-discovery, examining their attitudes and expectations toward work and their fears and doubts around it. Clients are guided through a process to assist them in becoming aware of any unconscious motivations or limiting beliefs that may have shaped their previous work experience. They are invited to consciously identify the motivations and aspirations they want to shape their future experience of work.

Clients are guided through an engaging and thoughtful-provoking process that explores their visions, values, purpose, and talents. Ultimately, they define their own unique Critical Career Criteria™. Clients identify and prioritize potential careers in terms of their ability to satisfy their own self-defined criteria. The basic philosophy behind Boldt’s approach to vocational guidance is that the question "What I am here to do on this earth?" can only be properly addressed in relation to the more fundamental question, "Who am I?"